About us


We began in 2001 with the introduction of the first dietary supplements for athletes. From the very beginning we focused on quality, largely due to the particular legal situation in Poland. Very few people know that Polish  sanitary regulations and food laws are among the most stringent in the world, so in our case the word ‘quality’ has real meaning.


Trec Team Athletes


The early days of our business were associated with the bodybuilding community, and practitioners of this kind of physical activity are still very strongly represented among our customers. But as the years passed, more and more athletes from various other sporting fields began to appreciate our products. We are now associated with nearly 200 athletes from multiple disciplines, living in 25 countries. Among them are Olympic champions, world champions, as well as regional champions. Athletes on the Trec Team have one thing in common – they’re all complete sporting fanatics.   


Trec Wear


We don’t only produce supplements. In 2012, we launched a clothing brand called Trec Wear, which is the result of our experience actively practising sport and the opinions we’ve collected on the mats, in training rooms and in gyms. Just like our supplements, our clothing is manufactured from start to finish in Poland and has a reputation for outstanding quality and style. Currently, our brand collections are available for purchase throughout Europe and several Asian markets.


Cross Trec


In 2014 we created the Cross Trec brand. Cross Trec represents a synergy between several – an affiliated network of training clubs, an educational portal, our technical clothing and supplements lines – all dedicated to functional sports.




Beltor is a brand for people who identify themselves with the world of martial arts. In creating the brand we talked to successful martial artists, and based on their opinions and experience we developed a range of dietary supplements, clothing and accessories dedicated to real fighters.


Action Line


The Action Line group of products is designed for endurance and outdoor athletes. Its distinctive feature is the use of new technologies, such as Hydro Gel and Nano Colloids. Thanks to these, Action Line products offer a speed of action and efficiency that outweighs most classical forms of supplements.





We also own a network of over 200 dietary supplement stores, located throughout Europe and Asia – one of the industry’s fastest-growing franchise networks in the world.




In addition to our commercial activities, we also engage in educating athletes using modern communication channels. Along with fellow athletes we created the ZapytajTrenera.pl (Ask a Coach) website, which has had over ten million views over the last two years. We also have educational channels on YouTube, including ​​Martial Arts Zone and the BeFit Project.




Most of all, we consider the huge community centred around our brand to be our greatest achievement. We can be found on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, and each site has a large group of active supporters. For several years, we’ve been the leaders in our industry when it comes to communicating with our clients, and this has been confirmed by monthly, independent market research (for example, by the Sotrender rankings).