Protein isolate and whey protein

The whey itself is basically a by-product of cheese making. However, whey protein is a set of amino acids necessary for us to do bodybuilding, including the total of exogenous and branched BCAA amino acids, which the body is unable to synthesize on its own. Isolate is one of the most effective and most valuable forms of protein supplements.

It belongs to nutrients characterised by fast absorption time and the release of amino acids into the muscles. The protein content in such a product fluctuates between 90% and 98%, since it has been cleaned of unnecessary ingredients and fillers such as carbohydrates, fats and lactose. It is worth mentioning that whey protein isolate is made from concentrate, thanks to the use of microfiltration- e.g. CFM (cross flow microfiltration). This allows the maintenance of undenatured proteins without interfering with their spatial structure. Also, valuable elements that can have a positive effect on the immune system, are preserved.

In addition, isolate is characterized by a very high biological value- BV = 159. It determines the extent to which the body is able to absorb and use a given protein fraction. Apart from its excellent assimilability, it enhances the absorption of other types of proteins that we deliver to the body with them. Due to the rapid absorption time, relatively short digestion time and rich amino acid content, it is recommended primarily in the period before or after training.

By the end of exercising, we want to initiate the building processes and inhibit degradation. Isolate is great as a post-workout supplement when our muscles need a quick response. In addition, it supports the activation of regenerative processes after an intense effort causing damage to the protein structural elements of our muscle fibres. During the day, it can be successfully used as a supplement to diet deficiencies, a way to maintain the protein balance and the predominance of anabolic processes over catabolic ones. Thanks to it, we have the ability to accelerate and increase the growth of fat-free body mass. It is also ideally suited when reducing body fat if we want to maintain the level of muscle tissue developed.



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