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Interview: IFBB Pro Blessing Awodibu (part 2)

fot. Jacek Studzinski


Let’s get back to your physique. How many days and hours a week do you spend at the gym?

I take training very seriously and train twice a day, sometimes 3 times a day if I am doing fasted cardio. For example I would do fasted cardio in the morning followed by two weight training sessions, 2 hours max for each session, 5 to 6 times a week.


One of the keys to the success in bodybuilders life is diet & supplementation. How do you connect this two things? Are there any combinations you love? Can you give some tips for our readers?

Diet is a big aspect of bodybuilding, as a matter of fact, it’s the hardest part of bodybuilding! Being in great shape isn’t just about training in the gym, the gym is only a small part of it. Being very smart with your diet and supplementation plays a major role in the life of a bodybuilder. If you don’t have your diet and supplementation correct then no amount of work in the gym can help you get where you want to be!

With regards to supplement and dieting, firstly you must understand your body, then find out what works for you - what type of supplements, foods and the type of dieting. Once you understand these for your body then you are on your way to achieving your dreamed physique. For myself high carbs, high protein and low fat work perfect for me and supplementing my diet with Isolate 100 by Trec Nutrition, I cannot go one day without Isolate (in strawberry chocolate flavour) Mix this with oats and water in the morning and you have the perfect breakfast meal! Tips for the reader: food should come before supplements.


Blessing “The Boogieman” Awodibu – where this nickname came from?

I always knew I needed a stage name, and it took me a while to came up with a name (not to mention drove my girlfirend crazy!) I wanted something scary but intreguging and interesting. One night I was watching a movie called ‘John Wick’ and this name came up in the movie – once I heard it I knew that was it. So ever since that night that has been my stage name, Blessing ‘The Boogieman’ Awodibu.


We know you love to dance! We remember the music during your shows on FIBO or Bodypower. Do you plan to record any movie with dancing bodybuilder(s)?

Yes, I do love to dance, in fact I was only speaking to my girlfriend today about taking up dance lessons! Definitely, there will be a video out soon of me dancing like a mad man, a dancing ‘Boogieman’ – watch this space!


There are a lot of people out there wondering where do you get the motivation for all this. What and who’s pushing you to the limits?

This is just me following my dreams, waking up day to day pushing myself pass my limit, believing one day I will live my dreams. I am a very self-motivated person, my dream pushes me to the limit every day. I set goals and will do whatever it takes to achieve those goals and make my dream a reality. I also hope that one day I will be able to inspire and prove to the younger generation that dreams do come true, all you got to do is believe in yourself and work hard. You can either find an excuse or achieve your goal!  


Blessing – thank you for this interview. Have you got any final words?

Thank you very much for your time. Yes – always believe in yourself, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Nobody knows or understands the power and fire burning in you, you are much more stronger and powerful than you think, you can accomplish anything if you believe and put in the work.

Be strong and stay blessed.

Blessing ‘The Boogieman’ Awodibu signing out – Peace!


Follow this link for first part of the interview.

Blessing's favourite supplement: Isolate 100

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