Interview: IFBB Pro Blessing Awodibu (part 1)

fot. Jacek Studzinski


Blessing - you were, let’s say, a bit quiet for last 1-2 years. We haven’t seen you competing much, what happened? Was this break planned?

Blessing: Yes, that’s right I was very quiet and it was all planned. In 2015, I competed in the men’s heavyweight division at the IFBB European Championship’s in Santa Suzanna, Spain. This was my first time competing in this division and I did not place. Even though I did not place, I learned a lot and knew that it was going to take time and patience to get where I needed to be in order to compete in this class. After the show, I decided to take two years off competing, and had a long off-season which was required in order to put on the muscle mass I needed to compete as a heavyweight bodybuilder, so it was a planned break and everything worked out perfect – as the saying goes ‘slow and steady wins the race!’


This year brought couple wins to you as an athlete. Can you tell us a bit more about them?

B: After my long, successful off-season, I took to the stage again in April 2017, my first show since the Europeans. This was the Irish Nationals RIBBF, where I won the super heavy weight class and took the Overall title. This qualified me to represent The Irish Federation and also to fight for my PRO card at IFBB International competitions.

My first international show, and PRO Qualifier was IFBB Diamond Cup in the Czech Republic in May 2017. Here I won the super heavy weight class and the Overall title, winning me the PRO card – I can’t describe that feeling of happiness but I did not stop there! A week later I flew to Portugal where I competed at the IFBB Diamond Cup, Espinho. I also won the super heavy weight class and the Overall title, winning my second PRO Card – 3 Overall’s in 2 months – not too bad some might say!


Ok – so what do you want to win this year? What’s your goal and desired trophy?

B: My main goal and target this year (and for the last 2 years) is to win The Arnold Classic Europe, which I won as a Junior in 2014, and hopefully a chance to meet my all-time hero Arnold Schwarzenegger. This competition is currently 8-weeks away.


You are definitely in a top shape this year. We can see it on you Instagram and VK page. Talking about Instagram – you made an awesome job posting the movies on Fridays. Why you started to producing and posting them?

B: I believe when you have a number of followers on social media pages, whether that is Instagram, Facebook, VK etc. you have to find ways to keep them entertained and interested – you can only post so many pictures of yourself, your shape, your food and supplements (which as you know I am a huge fan of TREC Nutrition supplementation) before your audience starts to lose interest. I also believe that this sport can come across very serious and can put people off taking up weight lifting or even competing in any category. This is a great sport, and I wanted people to see that it is not always serious or always about diet and hard training (although both are very important), but that you can have a lot of fun too! I hope that through making funny, crazy videos it will not only keep my followers interested in my page and entertained but I will encourage the younger generation or even my generation to take up the sport.


How do you think – does athlete’s social media could have an influence on the professional career these days? Are they an addition to everyday life or a factor that can also decide about, for example, getting a PRO card?

Social media is an extremely important, valuable tool to any athlete - especially a bodybuilder who’s hoping to do well in the industry in the future. The sport needs an influencer, a role model for both older and younger generations. Without social media, it’s nearly impossible to reach or communicate with these people. Given that this sport does not get a lot of mainstream media attention we require another channel to communicate and reach people who are interested in the sport. Social media is our platform to do this.

Also, if an athlete wishes to attract a good sponsor – social media is a must. While social media will not help you to get a PRO Card, getting an IFBB PRO Card requires a lot of hard work and dedication (and some talent as well) but a good fan base will help you reach your full potential, and can be an incredible tool on the days you need that little extra push and motivation!


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