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Training, diet, supplementation - this three areas are covered in the videos by Trec Team athletes. Ask The Trainer TV is dedidacted to all athletes - beginners, intermediate & advanced bodybuilders & gym rats. If you have any doubts on how to use creatine, what food eat to lose belly fat or decide what is better Full Body Workout or Split Routine - come and find out what's better for your. You can also ask any question and our trainers will be more than happy to answer it in the next episode.

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Beef, mango and fresh spinach salad

A balanced meal, suitable for anyone or those on a varied diet. To increase the carbohydrate content, serve with more rice cakes. To add more fat, sprinkle the salad with olive oil, or add nuts.

Waldemar Nol: Bodybuilding Legend

Waldemar Nol boydbuilding legend in action.

Chocolate-vanilla yam cake - Protein Dessert

Protein Dessert Recipe chocolate-vanilla yam cake is something for all the chocolate lovers, this time in a combination with sweet potato.