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Protein Dessert: Vanilla pancakes with peach

Protein Dessert Recipe Vanilla pancakes w peach is the great alternative to casual unhealthy dessert. If you are on a diet and you have a sweet tooth you have to try them.

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Protein Oatmeal Pie

Protein Oatmeal Pie it is very easy recipe for healthy and delicious dessert.

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Chocolate kidney bean muffins

Easyrecipe for dietary chocolate kidney bean muffins. A healthy version of popular cupcakes.

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Diet Recipe: Millet pancake with blueberries

Diet recipe Vanilla pancake with blueberries is a combination of healthy millet, greek yogurt, eggs, fresh blueberries and vanilla protein powder. It's a great source of carbohydrates, complete proteins and a small amount of fats.

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Diet Recipe: Chocolate And Vanilla Cream

Diet recipe chocolate and vanilla cream is a healthy alternative to all store-bought custards. That delicious homemade dessert is very easy to prepare, does not contain sugar and is based on healthy millet.

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Trec Nutrition at FIBO CHINA 2016

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