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Bodyfitness 2017 - Photo

See our report from Bodyfitness 2017 fairs.

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FIBO 2017

FIBO 2017 - the biggest fitness fairs are coming VERY SOON !! Check out what waits for you at the Trec Nutrition stand.

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New video project powered by Trec Nutrition

How many sets & reps? What should I eat? How to prepare my diet? Which supplements buy? Now all the answers can be found in the videos posted on Ask The Trainer TV.

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Diet recipe: Raspberry millet pudding

Die recipe for raspberry millet pudding colud be great pre-workout meal with a lot of carbohydrates and protein. Just do it!

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Fit recipe: strawberry ice-cream

Fit recipe for strawberry ice-cream is not the only summer recipe. Try it!

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Protein dessert: Chocolate raspberry mousse

Protein dessert - chocolate raspberyy mousse is the fastest way to make autumn days more colorful.