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SportEx Iran 2018

The SportEx 2018 exhibition was held at Tehran International Exhibitions which is 1 of the biggest sports and bodybuilding events in the Middle East. See what you missed and what you have to see next year at Qimia Nutrition booth.

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Protein pancakes recipe

These protein pancakes are extremely yummy and it takes minutes to prepare them. It is a great way to kick-start your day with a protein boost!

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Protein puding recipe

Looking for a guiltfree dessert? Check out this Protein Pudding Recipe. It is very easy, only uses 4 ingredients and is ready in a few minutes. This low carb protein pudding tastes like a traditional one, but is diet-friendly.

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Protein ice cream recipe

Learn how to make your own proten ice cream from scratch with this recipe.

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Mini Protein Cheesecake Recipe

Mini protein cheesecake has a similar cheesecake taste to the classic version but is high in protein and low in sugar. It's a tasty alternative for traditional cheesecake with no regrets or feeling of guilt.

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FIBO China 2018

Had an amazing time at FIBO China 2018 with Blessing Awodibu