Champions are born, not made

Our story began in 2001. It was then that combination of passion for sports, energy and enthusiasm in action inspired us to create a unique company ...

We have sport in out DNA

Each of us was interested in the sport since we were children . On television screens and often live, we watched all of the important sports events in our country; admired soccer players, cyclists, athletes. To this day, we remember the names and results of the Polish Olympic athletes.

We gave all of us to become perfect.

A few yeras later none of us became a professional athlete, though we wanted sport - still present and so important in our lives - to become the basis of our professional activities. With these dreams we made a new company Trec Nutrition. This company not only produces the highest quality nutrition for athletes, but it is also a company that motivates others to be active.

Each of us is a drop, but together we make an ocean

Stable development and current position of Trec Nutrition is a result of hundreds of people working for it.
Since the beginning we value individuality - we support actibe and creative people that have common interests with us.
Connection of the passion for sport's and work is one of the most important factors in our company's development. This is why every one of us goes to work with a smile and is charged with positive energy.
This is why we make such a great time. We are not skared of challenges, we plan and make a common success.

Good, 'cause it's Polish

Since the beginning of our activity we are proud of the fact that we are a Polish company. Poland is a country of many possibilities. It is here that we have excellent specialists, reliable partners and employees that are loyal to the company. Our supplements also set very high standards on the European market. They have become almost synonymous with quality. This was due to the fact that we are innovative, ambitious and diligent at work.

The champions' fellowship

Important people on our road are the players, both those who have titles, as well as amateurs with outstanding skills. We support them because we see ourselves in them, because we want to achieve better results. They are our driving force, our inspiration to create better products and a reason to be satisfied.

Life is like exercise: e
the more you give, the more you get

We are Trec Nutrition and sport is our passion

We have great respect for our customers and we believe that it is our responsibility to something more of ourselves.
Thank to our team we can accomplish the mission of education in the field of workout and diet.
Stale się rozwijamy i będziemy rozwijać w tym zakresie, a poprzeczkę stawiamy bardzo wysoko.
We are pleased that we have built an amazing community of enthusiasts, that has hundreds of thousands of people.
Let the sport and passion connect us all, no matter where we come from or what we train.