IFBB Pro Bikini Fitness

Maureen Blanquisco

Former Swimmer in the Philippine team and former flyer cheerleader in Stavanger diamonds cheersport. And now pursuing bodybuilding in the category of bikini fitness. 1st bikini competitor who won senior and junior class and both overall title in the Loaded Cup.
Online diet and training Coach and competition posing coach.

Norway Open 2015debutant 1st place
Norway Open Senior 2015category 1st place
Norway Open 2015 Overall champion
Norwegian Master 2015 senior -160 1st place
Loaded Cup germany 2016 junior 1st place
Loaded Cup germany 2016 senior 1st place
Loaded cup germany 2016 junior overall champion
Loadedcup germaby 2015 senior Overall champion
Oslo grandprix 2nd place
European Championship junior 3rd place senior 6th place
Norwegian master 2014 in Cheerleading 1st place
Eiker open groupstunt flyer 2x 3rd place
Norwegian master in cheerdance 3rd place
Philippine regional Open 2x 1st place backstroke category
Philippine regional Open 1st place medley Freestyle category