Pre-workout boosters

Sometimes to manage a workout, you need an additional support before you even start. Pre-workout boosters are a formula containing ingredients that increase strength and endurance, what helps you break through boundaries and achieve your maximum workout potential.

Creatine products

Creatine supplementation is one of the best ways to increase endurance, strenght and muscle mass. Creatine is recommended not only for bodybuilders, but it is also very efficient for fighters or people doing functional training.


When the body is under stress conditions (e.g. exhausting training, sickness), HMB decreases muscle proteolysis of muscle proteins. HMB supplements are one of the most often chosen supplements because they help preserve muscle and maintain lean mass.

Fatty acids

It is very important to include fats in our daily food. Fatty acids are not only a good source of energy, but they are also a part of lots of regulatory molecules, e.g. cell membrane. The body is capable of producing some of them, but others need to be delivered in order to e.g. keep immune system healthy.

Vitamins, minerals and enzymes

Physical activity increases vitamin and mineral requirements. Loss of energy, loss of immunity or exhaustion are often a result of vitamin deficiencies. Taking concentrated, easily absorbed supplements is one of the ways to provide a high level of vitamines.

Joint regeneration formulas

A very intensive training accelerates articular cartilages breakdown. Prevention is extremely important. Nutritional supplementation containing e.g. vit. C or calcium helps to keep the joinst and bones in good condition.

Protein bars

Sometimes something unexpected happens and you have no time to prepare a balanced meal. In such moments, it is worth to have a protein bar with you that have none of the junk and all of the protein, thanks to energy-boosting ingredients.