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Workout questions with Theo Ojideh

Trec Team Athlete Theo Ojideh answered your qustions about training and diet on Facebook. Next Q&A sessions coming soon on Trec Nutrition fan page. 

Question 1 - Marek Szewczyk: What's your favourite and what's the most effective training system in your opinion? Dropset, Supersets, Eccentrics ?

Answer 1 - Theo Ojideh: Hi Marek, I train in phases where I switch between training systems. I'm currently focusing on lifting heavier with a rep range of 10-12. 
There's Is no best training system as everybody is different. But for me, switching from system to system gives me great results. 


Question 2 - Siomon Cox: Would you recommend bulking or cutting first? And what are your tips for avoiding fat gain on a bulk?

Answer 2 - Theo Ojideh: I think the issue with bulking is that you ultimately gain some unwanted body fat during the process, and most people will lose muscle tissue in the process of trying to lose it. Gaining muscle while trying to maintain a lower body fat percentage is a healthier option and in the long run, more sustainable. Carb cycling is a really great way to "bulk" while keeping body fat levels low. Carb cycling is simply managing the amount of carbs you eat from day to day In order to manipulate your insulin and glycogen levels, two factors needed for fat gain.Also, doing cardio and supplementing with a good fat burner like Lipo XPack while bulking can help minimise fat gain.


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