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Trec Nutrition at FIBO Power 2016

Once again Trec Nutrition will be presented at the biggest in this part of the world bodybuilding, power sports and martial arts trade fair. Of course, we bring a significant number of attractions for visitors.

#trecteam at FIBO Power

In Cologne you can meet a wide representation of our athletes, led by Markus Hoppe:

Contests, gadgets and discounts!

On our stand will be the mass of attractions for visitors. Every day you can challenge yourself at 11:00, 12:30, 13:30, 15:00, 16:30 and 17:30 in the bar competition.

People who do a selfie with Trec Athletes or sign up to our newsletter list will receive a set of gadgets and samples.

During the trade fair you can buy selected products at a 30% discount:

·         BCAA HS 600g

·         BCAA HS 300g

·         Booster

·         Clenburexin 90

·         CM3 360 kaps.

·         CM3 250 g 

·         Multi Pack  Sport kaps.

·         Thermo Fat Burner 90 tab 

·         Whey 100 1500g

·         Whey 100 500g

·         CREA 9 Extreme 120 kaps.

·         AAKG 240 kaps.

·         SAW 400g

·         SAW 200g

The promotion also applies to the online shop [link] with code: Fibo2016

See you there!  A/01, Hall 10.2!



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