Road to Arnold Classic

I am living in Dublin 3 months now trying to prepare for the Arnold classic Europe 2014. Moving to Dublin was such a big step for me and a little of a risk, because back in Mayo I had a good job, I was making enough money to support myself but chasing my dream and pursuing my passion had forced me to move to Dublin. ‘’Your dream are always going to be the most important to you than they will be to anybody else, so keep dreaming, keep believing and keep pressing forward.’’(Kai Greene). So here I am, believing, pressing forward and hopping to achieve.

At this very moment, things are very hard for me, as I am trying to settle down, trying to get a job and I have 4 months left to prepare for the biggest and toughest competition in Europe (Arnold classic). Oh boy.

Before I go any further I must give a big shout out to Noel McPartlin for the big support he gave me, without him giving me a place to stay for my first 2 months in Dublin, I would not be where here right now. Thank you noel and I really appreciate all the support. Also big thanks to all the VITAMIN-SHOP® team and TREC NUTRITION for supporting me; hope I can do you all proud one day.

Blessing Awobidu - building muscle massRight now even though things are not going too good for me, I am still very happy and feel like I am where I need to be. I am weight training twice a day and cardio 3 times a week, first session in the morning after 2 big meals of very high protein and high carbs, second session in the evening. I have been training twice a day for over a year now and I love it.

Twice a day training A.KA double your gains allows me to push my muscles to the limit and speed up both recovery and growth. Many people would criticise this type of training, believing it is too much but as long as you are able to recovered quick enough it’s not too much. Twice a day training was popularized by Arnold when he won his first Mr. Universe.

I firmly believe in frequency, the more often you train a body part, the faster you can deliver growth stimulus and the sooner your muscles will respond. Training your back so hard that its takes the whole week to recover before you can hit it again isn’t as effective as hitting it light first day and then hard three days later. That’s two back workouts in one week so you essentially doubled your gains.

Twice a day training will allow you to eat more, sleep better and also allows you to focus more on each muscle group therefor you can develop a well-balanced physique. I train twice a day each body part twice a week.

My supplement stack:



My training schedule:

1. Legs: quads & gluts
2. Legs: hamstrings & calves

1. Chest
2. Shoulders

1. Full back and traps
2. Biceps & triceps

1. Chest
2. Shoulders

1. Legs: quads & gluts
2. Legs: hamstrings & calves

Back and arms

Sunday: Rest


My meal plan:

Meal 1: Oats, 3 whole eggs and 4 white

Meal 2: White rice and chicken

Meal 3: Protein shake ISOLATE 100, white rice and chicken

Meal 4: Steak and white rice

Meal 5: Tilapia fish and white rice

Meal 6: Chicken and some green veg usually broccoli

Meal 7: Peanut butter and protein shake trec isolate 



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