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How to increase testosterone in 5 steps?

Let’s see what are the main causes of low testosterone and what can we do to stop them.

1. High-stress level

When you are stressed your body produces huge amounts of cortisol (unless you have been in a chronic stress for a long time – then cortisol production practically stops). High cortisol levels can lead to slower recovery after workouts and limited testosterone production.

Action plan: After a workout, when your cortisol is high, consume carbohydrates which can lower its amount. However, it will also decrease HGH and IGF-1 one production caused by a hard workout. The best solution, to benefit from both is to consume carbohydrates approx. 30 min after a workout.

Another solution is to find time at the end of the day to calm your busy mind and relax.

2. Alcohol consumption

Even moderate alcohol consumption can decrease testosterone levels by up to almost 7%. It doesn’s seem that much but considering that the majority of society have already low starting point it can make a difference. We are all humans and occasionally having a drink or two is a normal thing but try to add some estrogen decreasing supplements while drinking.

Action plan: Do not drink alcohol, and if this is not an option try to limit to 2 drinks and take part in some testosterone boosting activities after booze session.

3. Chemicals

Consuming refined carbohydrates contributes to inflammation and increases cortisol in the body. We all know that, but it doesn’t end here. Drinking water from municipal water supplies, eating bad quality meat full of hormones and keeping your food in plastic containers. Even the cosmetics you use every day can disturb testosterone production.

Action plan: Quality over quantity. Choose high-quality meats and avoid refined sugars. Buying organic meals can be expensive, but on the other hand, it is more nutritious so you can eat less of it. Try to choose cosmetics with a minimal amount of chemicals.

4. Lift

Long endurance training, although good for you cardio-vascular system, it has a bad effect on your hormones. Repetitive motion like running or biking for a long time causes cortisol production. On the other hand weight training causes also some cortisol spike, but also a lot of anabolic hormones are being produced.

Action plan: At least once every ten days do a weightlifting session where you pick up heavy things. Do few reps (up to 6) of multi-joint exercises as squats, deadlifts, rows or presses.

5. Use herbs 

Nature has given us some remedies for low testosterone. You can combine cortisol reducing herbs like ashwagandha root with testosterone boosting Tribulus Terrestris or maca to make your T. levels rise.


Action plan: If you are not sure which and how much of particular herbs to use you can check out our 6 herbs blend – TESTOXX.

When it comes to keeping testosterone level high it all comes down to your everyday choices. Eat healthy, lift some weights, avoid toxins, use right supplements and relax. It that simple. 



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28.02.2018 14:06


didn't know that ashwagandha is working here as well.

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