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Diet Recipe: Chocolate And Vanilla Cream With Millet And Mango

Diet Recipe - Chocolate and vanilla cream


  • Proteins: 26.5g
  • Fats: 8.0g
  • Carbohydrates: 51.0g
  • 380kcal

Chocolate and vanilla cream is a healthy alternative to all store-bought custards. That delicious homemade dessert is very easy to prepare, does not  contain sugar and is based on healthy millet. It's a tasty combination of high protein and healthy fats.


- 400g natural yogurt
- 200g millet
- 30g bitter cocoa
- 1 ripe avocado
- 1 ripe mango
- 3 scoops of Isolate 100 protein powder (ok. 60-70g)

Diet Recipe - HOW TO MAKE IT:

1. Prepare all the ingredients: boil 200g of millet, peel avocado and mango and cut them into cubes.
Diet Recipe - Chocolate-vanilla  cream with millet and mango
2. Place your pre-cooked millet in a large bowl. Add pre-cut avocado, pre-cut mango, 30g of bitter cocoa into a bowl, 400g of natural yogurt, 3 scoops of vanilla Isolate 100 protein powder (60-70g).
Diet Recipe - Chocolate and vanilla cream
3. Blend all your ingredients together.
Diet recipe - Chocolate and vanilla cream
4. Prepare 4 small bowls and put the cream into them.
Diet Recipe - Chocolate and vanilla cream
5. Decorate your chocolate and vanilla cream  with small pieces of mangoes.
Diet Recipe - Chocolate and vanilla cream
6. Enjoy your meal!




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