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4 proven benefits of taking EAA supplement

Essential Amino Acids (EAA’s) live in the shadow of its older brother – BCAA. It can be tricky because every EAA’s supplement contains some amount of BCAA. EAA has lots of positive effects on athlete’s performance, as well as many health benefits. We will highlight some benefits of them.

EAAs are great for muscle building

Muscles are built from amino acids. It’s a wide known fact. But which from over 20 amino acids are crucial to maximising Muscle Protein Synthesis (MPS)? The most important one is L-leucine (the main amino acid in BCAA), but it can not do a lot without the rest of amino acids. Imagine that L-leucine is a leader, a boss that decided to launch a new project – muscle growth. In order to maximise MPS and make muscles bigger the leader needs… workers. So EAA supplement such as AMINO EAA taken during and/or after a workout significantly increases muscle growth.

EAA for energy

Amino acids can be a source of easily digested energy for the body. In order to create energy, our body can destroy muscle protein (which we want to avoid at all costs) and utilise created amino acids. In order to supply our body with energy during workout besides carbohydrates, it is wise to add a BCAA ora EAA supplement.

EAA for muscle protection

Anticatabolic mechanisms of amino acids are well researched so we can clearly say that supplements such as AMINO EAA are a great tool for preventing muscles breakdown. Taken around workout, essential amino acids quickly go to the liver and to muscle cells and act as an energy source if needed.

EAA for health

Amino acids are essential in many hormonal reactions, enhance muscle recovery and take part in detoxification. We can say that supplementation with amino acids can be a clever addition to healthy, well-balanced diet. EAA’s are extremely important for vegans because they contain a lot of amino acids hard to find in plant diet. Essential amino acids are also useful for students and everyone who has to maintain high concentration level during the day. EAA’s take part in neurotransmitters production so if you want to have a sharp mind, good mood and a lot of energy EAA’s are a great choice for you.

What is more, combining EAA’s with electrolytes, vitamins or herb extracts generate very powerful combination.

In AMINO EAA you will find white and green tea extract which can help you to get rid of stubborn fat, and the addition of guarana will give you a gentle energy spike on your next workout.



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