Beef, mango and fresh spinach salad




200 g lean beef, for example Silverside

100 g fresh spinach

1 ripe mango

40 g walnuts

40 g dried cranberries

6 rice cakes


Preparation time:  20 minutes

Difficulty:  X - Easy

Serves: 2



Fry the beef steaks in a very hot grill pan, using your favourite seasoning (but not salt).
Mix the spinach leaves, diced mango and nuts in a bowl, then add the cranberries (previously soaked in hot water).
Once the steaks have cooled, cut them into strips and add the strips to the salad.
Serve with the rice cakes.


For whom:

A balanced meal, suitable for anyone or those on a varied diet. To increase the carbohydrate content, serve with more rice cakes.  To add more fat, sprinkle the salad with olive oil, or add nuts. 



47 g protein

78 g carbohydrates

40 g fat



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