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Workout questions with Theo Ojideh

Trec Team Athlete Theo Ojideh Q&A. See what questions have our fans!

The worst weight loss ingredients

In this part, we’ve put the potentially dangerous ingredients that can cause excessive heart stimulation, high appetite reduction, insomnia, and other side-effects that can lead to medical complications.

The best weight loss ingredients

Burning fat requires both a restrictive diet, as well as the use of appropriate supplements. The trick is to go for slow, steady fat loss.

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Diet recipe: Raspberry millet pudding

Die recipe for raspberry millet pudding colud be great pre-workout meal with a lot of carbohydrates and protein. Just do it!

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Fit recipe: strawberry ice-cream

Fit recipe for strawberry ice-cream is not the only summer recipe. Try it!

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Protein dessert: Chocolate raspberry mousse

Protein dessert - chocolate raspberyy mousse is the fastest way to make autumn days more colorful.